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Rooms For Hire - 9 Different Spaces

Room NameArrangement(s)Capacity
ConferenceTraining Room, Class room, Seminar, U Shape, Cabaret 45
ComputerComputer Room15
TeslaU Shape, Class Room, Training Room, Meeting Room11
EuclidMeeting Room, Board Room13
BronteTraining Room, Computer Room21
CurieTraining Room, Class Room, Meeting Room16
NewtonTraining Room15
TuringTraining Room, Class Room, Meeting Room16

Room Features - Our Technology

All our rooms have the following features AT NO ADDITIONAL COST.

project25x25 Projector
whiteboard25x25 Whiteboard
wifi25x25 WiFi Enabled
computer25x25 Teacher’s PC

blind25x25 Air Conditioned
capacity25x25 Tables/Chairs
phone25x25 Teacher’s Phone
power25x25 Power Points

network25x25 Network Ports
lights25x25 Automated Lights
recording25x25 Microphone
audio25x25 Room Audio

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Advanced technology rooms improve your teaching or learning.

All our rooms are c-bus enabled, with automated blinds, lights and multi-room audio that can be controlled by our software or your phone. Projectors are fixed and can be connected to any laptop as we have all the cables readily available. All rooms are networked with cat-6 cabling, WiFi, and have teacher’s computers which can be dual booted into Mac or Windows operating systems.

Make use of the Interactive Whiteboard to enrich your learning experience

An interactive whiteboard works like a giant iPad at the front of the class room. You can interact with programs, pinch, zoom, drag, draw just the way you would with any touch screen computer. You have the added bonus of being able to draw all over the screen, use the Internet, or slide through a PowerPoint presentation. The great part is that after your presentation you could save what you are doing to a video file, to an Adobe PDF file, email it to you and your students, or print the screens immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked QuestionsYes
Is the projector included?Yes
Can we use the teacher computer?Yes
Can we have catering organised?Yes
Is Tea/Coffee/Water included?Yes
Can we use our own laptop?Yes
Can my old or new laptops be connected?Yes
Can Windows or Mac laptops be connected?Yes
Can you connect my iPad to the projector?Yes
Can you connect my phone to the projector?Yes
Can we print and/or scan?Yes
Can we hire by the hour or by the day?Yes
Can we host a webinar? Yes
Is WiFi included?Yes
Can we use the rooms after hours?Yes
Can the teacher computer be booted as either Windows or Mac?Yes
Do ALL your computers have at least Windows 8.1 and Office 2013?Yes
Do you have a break out area?Yes
Do students have free tea/coffee/water and microwaves available?Yes

Our Location

Our state of the art training facility is located on the corner of Forest Road and Hudson Street in Hurstville, and is located above Bing Lee, Jaycar, Ideal Store and Anytime Fitness. We are located across the road from East Quarter, are easily accessible with a car and have parking available downstairs.

Information Exchange
124 Forest Road
Hurstville NSW 2218

Phone: (02) 8090 3101

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